Budget 2012: that Wallace and Gromit line was a low blow, but it will probably stick

Ed Miliband (left) and Wallace (right), etc
Ed Miliband (left) and Wallace (right), etc, hahaha

God, that was an awful joke. Going on about tax cuts for the creative industries, George Osborne dropped in the line “Because we want to keep Wallace and Gromit exactly where they are.” The Conservative benches went absolutely mental.

Because, you see, Ed Miliband looks a bit like Wallace! It’s brilliant! Oh, isn’t he terribly funny, that George Osborne, and not irksome or punchable at all.

Osborne is using the Budget, our Government’s solemn annual report on the nation’s finances, to throw personal insults at his political opponent – and what’s especially infuriating is it will probably work. Twitter erupted with laughter at it; it’ll be all over the papers tomorrow; and the overall sense of Miliband as a figure of fun will be magnified. Labour should take this as a warning that their leader is in danger of becoming a laughing stock.


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