Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary: are you kidding?

Jeremy Hunt hiding behind a tree
Any excuse to dig this pic out

Take a bow, Mystic Chivers. Regular readers (hi Mum, etc) will remember that I wrote a piece back in May saying that we could be “seeing the last of Jeremy ‘Shifty Tintin’ Hunt”. For the record, not only are we not “seeing the last” of the Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, but the bequiffed gaffe-monster has just waltzed into the Department of Health. Yes: far from being fired, he’s been promoted. I’ll give you Saturday’s lottery numbers later today.

This is a man who got so badly thrashed at the Leveson Inquiry that a website called “” was set up (the answer, obviously, remains “no”). He sent congratulatory messages to James Murdoch about the BSkyB bid, just hours before being given the “quasi-judicial” role which put him in charge of it, and admitted to being “sympathetic” to the bid, despite his predecessor having just been fired for not being adequately impartial. He hid behind a tree like a naughty schoolboy to avoid the press in order to be able to go to a party with the aforementioned Murdoch. He also nearly killed a woman with a flying bell-end, although that wasn’t really his fault.

How on earth has he survived? Is it just that boyish look of innocence? The Hulture Secretary has had a good Olympics, or rather the Olympics were good and he didn’t screw anything up: also, he didn’t jinx every event he turned up at, thank you David Cameron. But you can’t help but feel this is a promotion for acting as a sort of human flak jacket for the Prime Minister: it’s Dave’s way of saying, thanks for taking all those bullets; now, if you wouldn’t mind taking a few more…


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