David Cameron: #welovetheNHS? That is chutzpah

Dave and the NHS, sitting in a tree, C-U-T-T-I-N-G
Dave and the NHS, sitting in a tree, C-U-T-T-I-N-G

David Cameron’s on Twitter. Do you remember a few years ago when he said, about politicians using the site, “Too many tweets make a t**t”? He may have proved himself right.

The @david_cameron official Twitter account has just used the hashtag (if you don’t know what the terminology means, this story is of no interest to you, and you’re probably a happier person than me for that very reason) #welovetheNHS. The term was first used in opposition to the sweeping top-down changes imposed by the last Health Secretary, Andrew Lansley.

So what David Cameron is doing, or at least what some luckless intern in Conservative HQ is doing, is hailing the Government’s NHS reforms using a slogan explicitly created to tell the Government that their NHS reforms weren’t wanted. It’s not the definition of chutzpah (because that reminds me of the old joke: what’s the definition of irony? Not knowing the difference between a definition and an example). But it’s a pretty spectacular example of the genre.

On an only slightly unrelated note, the editor of The Lancet was on Twitter himself earlier today. Richard Horton said of Lansley’s successor as Health Sec:

#welovetheNHS, indeed. Putting Shifty Tintin, homeopathy fan, in charge of it is a strange way of showing affection.


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