Silvio Berlusconi is (apparently) going to jail. Amazingly, it’s not for this

Signor Bunga-Bunga has been sentenced to four years for tax fraud. I’d be a little surprised if he actually serves any time in prison – he probably owns them all – but still, something along these lines has been coming for the old charmer. Anyway, it’s an excuse to remind ourselves of one of his greatest hits. Imagine David Cameron doing this. Better still, imagine him doing it and not resigning office within 15 minutes.

NB: Signor Berlusconi is probably the only recent Prime Minister of a major European country to have a Wikipedia page dedicated to the “trials and allegations” involving him. It’s not a one-paragraph job either. Bravo, Silvio. Bravo. As with Al Capone, after all that, it was the tax that got him.

• RED-FACED MOMENT: er, apparently it’s a spoof video featuring a Berlusconi lookalike called Maurizio Antonini. So, I got taken in good and proper, eh?



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