Stop saying ‘the global race’

Stop it just stop it please

Stop it.

Stop saying “the global race”. It sounds like a round-the-world yachting competition. It is stupid, implying a zero-sum situation in which if China gets better we have to get worse. And it’s boring. You’ve used it a million times.

Stop saying “hard-working people”, or, God forbid, “hard-working families”. It is cruel and exclusionary to lazy, beer-bellied slobs like me. We vote too, you know. We pay our taxes, when we remember to.

Stop saying “aspiration”, unless you’re talking about pneumonia.

Stop saying “tough decisions”.

Stop saying “let me be clear” and “look”. No one sounds more insincere than when they’re trying to sound like they mean it.

Stop saying “change” as though change is always good. Stop saying “modernise“.

Stop saying “UK PLC“.

And yes: stop saying “And yes”.

That’s probably enough for now.

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