Andrew Neil, climate troll: ‘Hey look, there’s ice at the South Pole’

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Andrew Neil, bless him. He is absolutely world-class at trolling Lefties, and I speak as a well-trolled Lefty.

The dear chap has sent Twitter into one of its periodic paroxysms by tweeting a few hours ago:

…which is very clever and so on.

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As Andrew, presumably not a stupid person, is well aware, you could lose quite a lot of ice from the Antarctic and there would still be more than enough to trap a ship in, ships being comparatively small and the Antarctic ice being quite thick.

But it pleases him to wind people up, and he can rely on lots of irate retweets from people calling him an idiot, which will amuse him enormously.

Personally I’m quite pleased that there are scientists trying to study what’s going on with the fantastically complicated system of ocean currents and ice sheets and atmosphere, and I think hilariously glib little comments of the “it’s snowing outside, so much for global warming LOL” kind are largely unhelpful from purportedly serious commentators, but that’s my opinion. There are interesting things to be said about why the ice sheets in the southern ocean are apparently growing in area but losing mass – an unforeseen side-effect of warming oceans, apparently – but if Andrew would rather troll people, that is entirely up to him. (I really can’t criticise.)

I would like to point one thing out, though. When the people he is trolling then call him rude names, he accuses them of trolling. Yes, I know, the word “trolling” has come to include another meaning of “being unpleasant on the internet”. But it also still has its original meaning, of “going on to and saying you’ll pray for people’s souls”, or more widely “deliberately winding people up“. Trolling people and then calling them trolls when they fall for it takes a special kind of chutzpah. Bravo, Andrew.

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